Meet the BFF’s, your Besties in a bag!

The Best Furry Friends are the newest and #cutest furry fashionistas who love to hang with their besties in their super sweet fashion bags! Each BFF has her own personality. When they are together with their #BFFSquad, no challenge is too great!

Stardust the Pegacorn
A true star, Stardust loves nothing more than entertaining her Squad singing and dancing on stage with her Glitter Mic.

Sasha the Husky
When it comes to creating beauty from anything, Sasha is a true artist! Colour, texture, shapes and sounds, Sasha can spend hours on a painting or a sculpture getting it just right!

Dash the Ginger Tabby Cat
Dash is obsessed with moving her body, competing and most of all, winning! Leave no tree unclimbed, and always BE AMAZING! BEE EE AMAZING!

Cuddles the Rabbit
She’s literally a warm and fuzzy feeling! Cuddles may be tiny, but she has a big, big heart, and is always there for her besties whenever they need a hug!

Zara the Sloth
Some people think sloths are slow, but Zara can prove that that’s not true, with math! Her library at home is overflowing with books and her friends know that she will always help with homework or to solve any problem!

Deedee the dragon
Deedee is a day dreamer, often lost in her own world. She is slowly learning how to use her magical powers, but usually ends up making a bit of a mess when she tries.